As parents, we went through the frustrations and hurdles of filling out endless application forms for multiple childcare centres just to secure a place for our kids. We've also experienced how troublesome it is to repeatedly make follow-up calls for each applicaiton to hear/deliver the status updates during the waiting period. On the other hand, we've learnt how stressful and time consuming it is for the childcare centres to manually maintain the waitlist up to date—the resource that can rather be spent to provide better care for the children.

We finally came to a conclusion that the entire process do not have to be this painful! started out of this frustration and our genuine thirst to improve the experience for both the parents and the childcare centres. We are committed to provide easy and affordable solutions for managing childcare applications.

SYLK Group PTY LTD is an Australian entrepreneurial business that is focused on social enterprising. It owns and operates the web solution which is developed to automate and enhance the application process and waiting list management for child care centres around Australia.

Please contact us via:
GPO Box 999, Sydney NSW 2001